W  E  L  C  O  M  E    T  O      E  Q  U  I  P M E N T     W I N G  

   T.No.4.2B/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:26.06.2020.(Procurement of COVID-19 RTPCR Kits with RNA Extraction Kits and without RNA Extraction Kits)

   Amendment 1 to T.No.4.1/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:02.06.2020.(CC TV Systems with all accessories)

   T.No.4.2A/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:02.06.2020.(Cadaver Bags)

   Amendment 1 to T.No.2.3C/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Malaria Dept., Equipment-NVBDCP)

   Preliminary Technical Evaluation Report for T.No.2.5C/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Blood bank Equipment)

   T.No.2.4D/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Procurement of Equipment - RIMS Srikakulam under Dr YSRAHCT)

   T.No.2.7/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Procurement of Diagnostic Equipment - 1145 PHCs)

   T.No.2.4A/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Medical Equipment for urology and radiology depts.,- GGH Guntur Dr YSRAHCT)

   T.No.4.3A/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:26.06.2020.(Medical Equipment - PG Seats - GMC Guntur)

   T.No.2.4B/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Medical Equipment - GGH Nellore Dr YSRAHCT)

   T.No.2.4C/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Medical Equipment - VIMS VSKP Dr YSRAHCT)

   T.No.4.1/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.26.06.2020 (CC TV Systems to COVID designated Hospitals in A.P)

   T.No.2.5E/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.27.05.2020 (Medical Equipment for SNCU Scheme)

   T.No.2.3C/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.27.05.2020 (Malaria Department balance Equipment)

   Amendment 1 to T.No.2.1/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Drop Back Services to Postnatal Women)

   T.No.3.2C/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.02.06.2020 (BP Apparatus, Stethoscopes and Oxygen Regulators for Cylinders)

   Amendment 1 to T.No.1.4/APMSIDC/Equipment/2020-21 Dt:08.06.2020.(CRP and Ferritin Kits)

   T.No.2.5C/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.27.05.2020 (Blood Bank Equipment)

   T.No.2.3F/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.27.05.2020 (Medical Equipment - GMC Guntur PG Seats)

   T.No.2.5B/APMSIDC/2020-21, Dt.27.05.2020 (5 Part Differential Cell Counter - AMC VSKP)

   T.No.3.3C/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:02.06.2020.(Differential Hematology Analyzer - MPLADS)

   Preliminary Technical Evaluation Report for T.No.2.5B/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Procurement of 5 part cell counter - Sickel Cell AMC VSKP)

   Preliminary Technical Evaluation Report for T.No.2.1/APMSIDC/2020-21 Dt:27.05.2020.(Dropback Services to Postnatal Women)